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To All of our supporters:
XloveCam Team is very proud to have received the Award for "Best European Cam Platform" during the Ynot Awards 2018 held September 15, 2018 in Prague, Czech republic !
We would like to take this opportunity to let you know, as a platform we cannot win any of these awards without your dedication and commitment.
Thank you to all Xlovecam Models that have been close to us in the last years.
Thanking you all for your support!
Best regards,
The XloveCam Team

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Европа - XloveCam.com рада сообщить, что они являются победителями лучшей награды European Live Cam Site на саммите в Бухаресте, который проходил с 22 мая по 25 мая в Румынии. «Мы очень гордимся тем, что являемся лауреатом премии в этом году. Мы хотели бы поблагодарить всех спонсоров, организаторов и, самое главное, избирателей, которые помогли нам принять эту награду во второй раз в 2018 году, - сказал генеральный директор Patrick Koning ,

«Команда очень счастлива, что я получил эту награду. Каждый член команды поддержки ежедневно прилагает усилия, чтобы сделать платформу лучшим домом для моделей, студий, филиалов и клиентов», - сказал Конинг.

«Мы будем использовать этот импульс для привлечения на нашу платформу дополнительных моделей, филиалов и студий. Победа и сохранение этого титула чрезвычайно сложны, поскольку мы работаем в таком динамичном и конкурентном пространстве. Мы будем продолжать стремиться к тому, чтобы сказать лидера отрасли, Koning ».

XloveCam.com работает на рынке веб-камер для взрослых уже более 10 лет и остается одной из лучших веб-камер в Европе. В Северной Америке бренд работает под названием Sex.Cam.


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Hello Ladies,
XloveCam.com was one of the proud sponsors of the recent CammingCon event in Miami; it was a great pleasure for us to meet so many wonderful professionals and cam beauties, but also great way to make new friends and meaningful partnerships.
This year XloveCam.com gave away an amazing trip for two to Venice, Italy; a total value of $6,500usd for a lucky model, who is leaving for Venice in September
Here are some pix with our winner wink.png









We hope she will have a blast with the person of her choice in a superb 5**** Luxury hotel in the heart of Venicesmiley.gif Congrats!

If you are not yet a register model on XloveCam.com, we invite you to join us HERE


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Hello all,


Allow me to introduce XLoveCam, one of the fastest growing webcam sites in the world. XLoveCam provides great tools to its models, an easy-to-use Control Panel and referral links for new customers. We invite you to join XLoveCam, start earning in Euros and benefit from the following:

  • Earn the highest model commissions (up to 70%).
  • We pay you by bank transfer or XLC CARD, always on time.
  • Fast payments every 2 weeks - NO DELAYS.
  • Your VIP member videos earn you money even when you are not online.
  • High visibility for both new and experienced Models.
  • Clear crystal video image quality with our state of the art software.
  • Both FREE CHAT and MEMBER CHAT are available.
  • Very detailed MODELS' XGUIDE that teaches you step by step how to earn the best money on XLoveCam.
  • Very low percentage of chargebacks. Many of active models never had a single chargeback and for extra fraud prevention, all high risk countries are partially or permanently restricted from accessing the XLoveCam site.
  • No fixed schedule. Make your own hours - you can work as much or as little as you like.
  • Easy to use Model control panel and broadcasting software.
  • Professional support team available 24 / 7, live or by email.

Rules and conditions can be found HERE. Our registration process has been updated to allow a fast, online only (no papers, no scanners needed) and secure model and studio registration.

Do not hesitate to contact us, PM or email directly. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated smile.gif



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