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Dirty talk (помощь новикам)

27 Март 2018 - 23:01

101 Dirty Talk Examples

1. I love the way you kiss me�especially when you kiss me there!
2. I want to get naked with you right now.
3. Say my name when you do that!
4. I love you so much. Can you feel it?
5. Do you like the way that feels?
6. I love feeling your strong arms when you're on top of me. I love your muscles!
7. Use your mouth on me.
8. I love the things you do with your tongue.
9. You're so damn gorgeous.
10. What's that thing you do with your hand? I adore that!
11. Want to see what I really want? Come closer�
12. Strip for me, honey. Slow. I want to savor every inch of you.
13. Do you like the way that looks?
14. I'm going to control you tonight.
15. Use me as your toy.
16. Tell me what you want.
17. I'll do anything for a sexy lover like you�anything at all.
18. You're the best lover I have ever had.
19. This is going to be the dirtiest night of your life.
20. Show me what you can do. I know you're man enough!
21. You can have me any way you want.
22. Look, honey - handcuffs! What can we do with these?
23. Don't stop, harder!
24. You're the sexiest thing I've ever seen.
25. It drives me crazy when you look at me that way.
26. You know what I want. Give it to me.
27. I want you so bad - can you feel how much?
28. Just lie back and let me make you come.
29. You like that, don't you? You like it when your woman does that to you?
30. Look how ready I am. Don't you want to put your dick in there?
31. I adore how naughty you are.
32. You taste so good.
33. Come over here and ride me hard.
34. No one has ever made me come as hard as you can.
35. You make me so damn horny, baby!
36. I want to feel those sweet lips all over me.
37. Fuck me, honey. Right now.
38. I'm going to lick you and suck you until you come.
39. Want to make me scream? I'll bet you can.
40. Get over here, big boy. Show me what you're packing.
41. I love it when you nibble on my nipples.
42. Do that some more.
43. Your wish is my command.
44. Should I tie you up and make you take it, or are you going to be good?
45. Don't you dare come until I say you can.
46. I love how big your cock gets when I talk to you like this.
47. Fuck me with your big, delicious dick.
48. How deep can you go? Let's find out.
49. Lick every inch of me.
50. Only question is�where do you want to come?
51. How do you want me? On my knees? On my back? You choose.
52. Make me scream with that big dick of yours.
53. I'm going to suck you like a lollipop.
54. You give it to me better than anyone else ever could.
55. Do you like the way I fuck you, baby? Tell me.
56. Give me that big, fat baby-maker. You know what I want!
57. I'm going to do things to you that you've only fantasized about.
58. Give me that come, honey.
59. I want it in my mouth.
60. I want it all over me. Cover me with it.
61. Call me names. I love it when you call me your whore.
62. You can fuck harder than that. Give me everything you've got!
63. Make me scream like the naughty little slut I am.
64. Do you like it when I make you taste me?
65. I love sucking your rock-hard cock.
66. Tell me what you're doing. I want to hear the words.
67. Touch yourself. Let me watch you.
68. Can you see what you're doing to me?
69. Want a sex slave for the night? I'm yours!
70. Let's see how many times I can make you come. Want to place bets?
71. Tell me your most secret fantasy.
72. Do you like knowing you're the only one who fucks me?
73. How dirty can you get? How nasty are you?
74. Oh, yeah, baby�that's how I like to see it.
75. Watch me touch myself. I love it when you watch.
76. I want you to come in my mouth.
77. Shoot it down my throat.
78. You want to feel me come? Touch me right there - right now!
79. Tell me when, baby. I'll come with you.
80. How do I taste?
81. For the next hour, you're my personal sex toy. Deal with it.
82. Pound me with that hard, fat dick!
83. Better be careful�if you don't do what I tell you, I might stop.
84. What do you want tonight? The French Maid? The Hooker? The Schoolgirl?
85. Pretend you're a porn star. Fuck me like one!
86. I bet you would like to do this in public. Admit it.
87. Think I can swallow your whole cock? Let's find out.
88. I'm going to make you come until it hurts.
89. Play with my pussy.
90. Oh, God�that thing with your tongue. Do that again!
91. I love the way it sounds when you fuck me so hard. Hear it?
92. Tell me what you see. Describe it to me.
93. You like it when I spread my legs and take you in?
94. Come on, badass - show me how big a boy you really are!
95. You can have any hole you want. Which one will it be?
96. Do you want more? Take it!
97. Maybe you should spank me - I've been very, very bad.
98. Show me how a real man fucks.
99. Can you come again? I want some more.
100. I love getting dirty and naughty with you.
101. Do me like daddy use to do me!

101 Hardcore Dirty Talk Examples

1. Bring that hard cock over here, you sexy bastard.
2. You want to fuck this pussy?
3. It makes me feel like a slut to spread my legs for your dick.
4. Do you like the way I swallow your baby maker?
5. See how juicy you make my cunt?
6. I want to feel your come slide down my throat.
7. You like it when I suck your balls, too?
8. Let me slide a finger up your ass.
9. Stretch me open with your big, meaty rod.
10. Come here, you sexy motherfucker.
11. You want that tight little ass? Think you can fit it in there?
12. I want to fucking choke on your cock. Make me take it!
13. Bad girls get their pussies spanked, don't they?
14. Then they have to open their legs and take your dick.
15. I think you should punish me by fucking me up the ass.
16. I can feel you all the way in my belly!
17. Shoot that come inside me - let me feel your cream.
18. Watch me play with my tits.
19. Show me what your tongue can do for my pussy.
20. Tie me up and come all over me.
21. Don't you fucking stop. Ram me with it!
22. Fuck me so hard it makes me hurt tomorrow.
23. You like it when I come on your cock?
24. Push those fingers into my cunt. Deeper!
25. I want to feel you all the way in.
26. How tight is it down there? Tell me.
27. I want you to pump me full of your come.
28. You want to hurt me with your dick, don't you?
29. Watch it go in - see how it stretches me?
30. I'm so tight around your dick�I can feel how big you are.
31. You're better than any other fuck I've ever had.
32. Ride me like a stallion, you fucking manwhore.
33. Let's get out the vibrator and fuck each other with it.
34. I love the feeling of two dicks at once.
35. Push the vibrator up my pussy�then put your dick in my ass.
36. Can you feel it fucking me?
37. I like the way your balls slap against me.
38. I like the way your balls jerk in my mouth when you come.
39. Why don't you fuck that girl down at the convenience store?
40. I'll watch you give it to her good, baby.
41. Let me lick your balls while you fuck her pussy.
42. I want to feel your balls jerk while you come for somebody else.
43. You like the thought of being with two sluts?
44. How about three sluts?
45. How many men do you want me to fuck?
46. Three - one for each hole?
47. You can watch while I swallow a stranger's dick.
48. Then one of them can slide into my cunt.
49. Another one can push into my ass.
50. You can tell them what to do to me. I'm your whore!
51. Should I make a stranger come?
52. You want to watch him come all over me?
53. All of you can come on me. I like lots of cream.
54. So many men shooting all over my face and my tits.
55. But what about you? How many women can you handle?
56. One at a time, riding your dick until they get off.
57. You're just an assembly line of pleasure.
58. I want to watch while you fuck them all.
59. You're just a fucking machine, aren't you?
60. How many times can you come in one night?
61. Do you think I can swallow all of it?
62. Let me deep throat you until I can't breathe.
63. Make me gag on your fucking long dick.
64. Fuck my ass so hard you make me scream.
65. Then I'll suck it for you. You like that?
66. I'm your sweet, fucking slut. I'll do anything you want.
67. Tell me your nastiest fantasy.
68. Tie me up and spread my legs for your friends.
69. Get out the video camera and let me make a porn movie for you.
70. Jack off for me while you think about it�
71. Watch your come slide down my lips.
72. Watch me lick it up off your belly.
73. I'll beg you to make me come.
74. I'll do anything to come on your dick.
75. Please spank me - I've been a bad little girl.
76. Pinch my nipples until I say I'm sorry.
77. Make me sit on that big dildo while you watch.
78. Get the biggest one you can find so it stretches me out.
79. Rub your fingers all over my clit.
80. Make me suck your dick while I ride that big rod.
81. You know I like to have a dick up every hole.
82. Watch me go down on another woman, baby.
83. You want to see your woman eat pussy?
84. She tastes so good�come over here and taste her, too.
85. Why don't you fuck both of us?
86. Slide your dick in her pussy and let me lick it clean.
87. Make me come while she sucks on your dick.
88. Are you going to come for her?
89. Can you come for both of us?
90. Shoot that come all over my pussy.
91. Shoot it deep in my cunt and put a baby in there.
92. If you come for her, I might have to punish you.
93. Jack off right now. I want to see you lick your own come.
94. How big of a boy are you?
95. I'm on my knees, spreading my cheeks. Which hole do you want?
96. Watch me spread your come all over my skin.
97. I love to make you scream when you come.
98. Let me blindfold you while a stranger sucks your dick.
99. Lay back and let me ride you until you spurt.
100. Make me your sex slave and do the nasty things you dream about!
101. I'm going to fuck you until you beg for mercy.

101 More Hardcore Dirty Talk Phrases

1. You're my naughty little bitch-slut, aren't you?
2. Get down on your knees and show Daddy that pussy.
3. Squirt that girl come on my dick, baby.
4. Pull it out and slam it hard.
5. Slam it so hard it bleeds, motherfucker!
6. Wank your dick while I watch you.
7. Stick that dirty cock into my slutty hole.
8. Suck your come off my dick, bitch.
9. Pump my cunt until I scream.
10. Fuck that whore until she screams. Just like that.
11. Come in my ass and then let me clean it off for you.
12. You want to feel my cream in your cunt?
13. Slam your man meat into my ass. Now!
14. Your ass is so pretty after I spank it all red.
15. I want to whip you while you're tied to the bed.
16. Come in me and then eat it out of me.
17. Lick my button with your hot tongue until I explode.
18. Squeeze my nipples until they hurt.
19. Watch me fuck your best friend. His dick is SO big!
20. You like fucking other women?
21. Spread my legs wide like the slut I am.
22. Damn, boy, you need to ream my ass like a motherfucker!
23. I'm a whore-slut. Punish me for it.
24. Let me clean my juices off your dick, Master.
25. Tease my clit with your cock. That's it.
26. Plow me until I can't breathe.
27. Think you can get your whole fist into my cunt?
28. I like to fuck you while your wife is watching.
29. You've got more girl meat than Tiger, don't you, manwhore?
30. Push your dick all the way into my throat.
31. Come hard while I can't breathe around your dick.
32. I want to feel your dick throbbing in my ass.
33. Fuck my ass while your best friend fucks my pussy.
34. I want to suck him while I fuck you.
35. Bite me while I come. Mark me.
36. Bang my ass with your fingers while I jack you.
37. Spread my ass out real good so I can take that monster dick up there.
38. Tie me up and make me fuck your buddies.
39. Fuck my high heels. Do it, bitch.
40. Watch your come slide down my legs.
41. Come in my pussy and then use the cream as lube to fuck my ass.
42. Do you like being a dirty whore?
43. I'll bet every guy in town has taken a ride up your chute.
44. Spread your legs and show me how many men have been in there.
45. You're nothing but a whore who eats come, isn't that right?
46. I'm going to suck on your balls while you fuck her.
47. I'm going to ride you while I suck him. Watch me, baby.
48. I want to see you suck another man's dick. How much of a man are you?
49. Let's do it up the ass with a double dildo.
50. Damn, baby�I can taste that other bitch on your dick.
51. Squeeze your nipples and make them red for me.
52. That's it, honey. Spank that pussy. Spank it hard!
53. Suck my balls while I wank, you horny cumslut.
54. I'm going to stick my tongue in that little hole in your dick until you come all over it.
55. Come on her tits and let me lick it up.
56. Did she do you like this, you fucking cheater?
57.Watch me lick your come off my naughty, slutty hands.
58. Open up wide, cumbucket, here it comes!
59. Damn, girl�you're almost as good as your sister.
60. Force me down on your dick until I can't breathe.
61. You are going to come so hard you pass out.
62. I like fucking whores. You're number three tonight. Do you like that?
63. Feel my fingers in you? I'm going to push all of them in tonight.
64. You like doing that? My husband never sucks my pussy, but you do it soooo good.
65. How far can we stretch that slutty cunt? Let's find out!
66. I'll bend over and you can take my virgin ass with that dildo.
67. Shoot that come into my mouth. Watch me swallow it.
68. Make me suck her clit for you while you fuck her.
69. You know what I want? Your dick. In my ass. With no lube. Go.
70. You like to have a string of men who just come in you, don't you?
71. You're covered with the come of a dozen men.
72. Do you like the way it feels to slide through another man's come?
73. You like that? You like it when I finger your ass while I suck you?
74. I'm going to give you head until you can't come anymore.
76. Shoot that come all over my clit. See it dripping off, baby?
77. Pull out so you can see your come slide out of my pussy and lube up my ass.
78. I like blindfolding you. You don't know if that's a man or a woman sucking you off, do you?
79. That's it, honey. Jack off for us. You know we like to watch you.
80. You better not come for that slut. There will be trouble if you do, you fucking whore.
81. Shoot it in my face, you dirty bastard.
82. Shut up and lick my clit, fucker. Lick it harder!
83. Make me gag on your big dick.
84. Mmm�I love it when your cock stretches my asshole so tight.
85. You like rape fantasies? I'm going to fuck you until you scream and then fuck you some more.
86. I'm going to tie you up first so you can't make me stop, you fucking slut. You like that?
87. Spread your legs. That's right. Now touch your clit while I take a picture.
88. Take it all or I will slap the shit out of you, you goddamn pussy boy.
89. Feel my come in your throat? Swallow it. All of it.
90. Reach into your pussy with two fingers and jack me while I fuck your ass.
91.You do me so much better than my wife ever could.
92. Get me wet enough to fuck my ass with pussy juice.
93. I'm going to come all over your big dick!
94. You want hardcore, bitch? Piss all over my dick while I'm in you. That's just for starters.
95. I want to fucking eat your come for breakfast.
96. I'm going to fuck her ass and then make you clean me off. Whores do that, right?
97. Fuck me hard enough to make me pregnant, you stable stud.
98. You're nothing but a come machine. That's what you are.
99. Stand up and jack off so all my friends can watch your dick explode.
100. Fuck my throat. I want to be so hoarse I can't talk.
101. You're going to have three dicks, one in each hole. Which one goes first?
Come over here, slut, and lick my balls before I pleasure you.

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